About Us

About Us

While coaching a youth soccer team, Jeff needed to understand how the athletes were perceiving their play during matches. He needed a way into the mind of the athlete and it needed to be Generation Z friendly!! After developing a sample system and getting valuable information on the athletes, the system was improved and Mind2Skillz was born!

Through the use of technology already familar to the athlete, they are guided through a predetermined set of sport specific questions. They provide a rating on how they performed both mentally and physically. Additionally, the athlete identifies areas for self improvement which helps them become accountable for their own development.

Mind2Skillz is a coach's window into how athletes are perceiving their mental state and performance level during matches. Data has shown that some athletes perceive themselves as "World Class" but are not yet out of the development stages. Other athletes have lower confidence levels and this will become evident after reviewing the data.

Jeff Wagner

Jeff is the co-founder of Mind2Skillz, a former U.S. Marine who served throughout the world including a tour with 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Jeff has experienced soccer in various countries, to include Chad, Chile, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

  • High School Varsity Soccer and Lacrosse player
  • USSF National "D" License
  • NSCAA Goalkeeping Level 2 Diploma
  • 5+ years coaching youth soccer at the club level
  • Graduate of the Johns Hopkins University